Current Kennel Boarding Rates:

All prices are with food provided.

If dog/cat receives regular kennel food, add $1.00/day.

If dog receives premium grain-free salmon kennel food, add $1.50/day.

Additional pets 10% off per night.

**All boarding rates are per NIGHT.**

If picked up after 1pm, there will be a charge for an additional night.

Up to 19lbs: $18.00

20-39lbs: $19.00

40-59lbs: $20.00

60-79lbs: $21.00

80-99lbs: $22.00

100lbs and up : $23.00

Cats: $15.00

Exotics: Call for Rates. Inquire about our at-home visits for those difficult to transport (fish, aquatics, snakes)

Home-style Boarding Rates:

Home-style involves a kennel-free environment. Just like at home, your dog has the ability to lounge on the couch, play with many toys, and watch TV. All home-style pups are welcome to the same pampering opportunities as the kennel boarding dogs.

Up to 20lbs: $22.00

21-40lbs: $26.00

41-60lbs: $30.00

61-80lbs: $34.00

81-100lbs: $39.00

100lbs and up: $43.00

*We reserve the ability to remove a dog from home-style if they are destructive, pose a flight risk, or are too loud for us to conduct business.*