Jolly Pet Toys: A Review

Jolly Pet Toys are Phenomenal!

Jolly Pet Toys are great toys, especially for outdoor play,  keeping your dog entertained for hours, even when you aren't out there to play with them!

Teaser Ball

  • 5 Stars

The Teaser ball is a fun and interactive ball, well loved by nearly every dog that encounters it! The toy consists of a soft small plastic ball, inside of a hard plastic outer shell that contains holes just small enough for the interior ball to not fall out. This toy comes in various colors and sizes! Dogs spend numerous hours attempting to get the ball out of the middle. This toy is wonderful for; tossing, tugging, chasing after, and running around with. I found that German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers loved this toy most!


  • 4 Stars

I love the Tug-n-Toss! The Tug-n-Toss is a heavy rubber ball that comes in various sizes and colors. This ball is great, because dogs love to tug, toss, chase after, and even swim with this toy. It bounces well and is excellent for kicking. Dogs can play by themselves or with you! The only con with this toy, is that sometimes dogs can chew off the handle.

Jolly Egg

  • 5 Stars

This toy is a blast! The Jolly Egg is a hard plastic Egg-shaped toy that comes in various sizes and colors. This toy rolls erratically across the ground and is very difficult to pick up! Dogs will soccer kick this toy, attempt to pick it up, nose it across the floor, and chase after it for hours! They love that it doesn't roll straight, like a regular ball!


  • 4 Stars

This toy is unique. It is a pliable rubber ball that absorbs dog teeth like they never happened! It keeps its shape like a champ. This ball comes in various sizes, colors, and scents. Yes, scents! Dogs can chase after it, swim with it, and play fetch for hours!


  • 4 Stars

The Push-n-Play is completely different from the Bounce-n-Play! It is made of a hard plastic! That makes it nearly impossible to pick up, but perfect for nosing around and playing soccer with!


  • 5 Stars

This toy is pure genius! It combines the pliable rubber ball with a tug rope! This toy is excellent for tug-of-war, chasing, fetch, retrieving in water, kicking, throwing, and more! Watch out for flying projectiles! Truly and inspiring toy!

Hopefully this review has given you some ideas for your dog's next fun toy!

Retailers in Cookeville that carry some Jolly Pet Products are; Pet Supplies Plus, Dog and Company, Tractor Supply Company, Exotic Tropicals, and of course, Petco! When in doubt, you can find all these wonderful toys on!