Cats are a creature all their own! We love cats and know they have their own needs for affection and attention.


At Cookeville K9, we do our best to give cats a calm environment during their stay. Each gets his/her own cat condo and depending on how many residents present at one time, get either the full or part day to run around the private cat room and even bask in the sun in front of our large viewing window!

Bird Feeder out front for cat entertainment! 

Purrfect pampering opportunities for your cat:

Tuna Treat Time $1.00 - Yummy treats in many flavors. *Both crunchy and tender available.

TLC - $2.00 15 minutes of petting, head scratches, belly rubs, and even brushing.

Bird Watching -$1.00 Full day of bird, squirrel, and fish related programming to keep your kitty entertained.

Catnip Kookiness - $1.00 "Catnip hijinks" available. Catnip provided for rolling in and eating. Your cat will be overjoyed to purr and play in catnip.

Cookeville K9 -n- Friends welcomes any belongings you wish to bring to make your cat's visit more enjoyable, however we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

All medications are given free of charge at the direction of the owner. Diabetic cats will need to provide syringes for their insulin injections. Cats requiring daily subcutaneous fluids will have to provide their own fluids, as well as sterile needles.