Our groomer, Emerald, is happy to assist with your dog grooming needs.

Emerald grooms Monday-Thursday and has 8 years of grooming experience under her clippers. Her favorite breeds to groom are Poodle Mixes (all those doodles!), Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Labrador, Sheltie, and Maltese. She loves all challenges! 

Emerald's transformations.

Emerald's transformations.

We are currently seeking a part-time groomer for Thursday - Saturday grooming or Friday/Saturday grooming, with room to pick up extra shifts. Please contact us today with your portfolio!




Cost varies by size, breed, condition of coat, and general behavior of animal. Please contact us at 931-537-2275 for a quote.

Does your pup need a trim? Ask Cookeville K9 -n- Friends about our services:

  •  Bath
  • Clipping
  •  Nail trim/drimmel
  •  Ear Clean
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Cat Claw Trim/Cat Grooming
  • Flea Bath

Prices for baths start at $20

Prices for Grooming start at $40

De-matting Fee: $10 for every 15 minutes of de-matting. Initial de-matting time excluded from fee. 

Flea Bath: Add $5 *If fleas are found, we automatically do a flea bath. We use a citrus-based, all-natural flea shampoo that is safe for use with dogs and cats.

Tentative Pricing Guide

*All final prices are determined by the groomer. This may be used as a guide for what to expect, but does not reflect the final price and can vary depending on coat condition and temperament. All grooms include bath, nails, and ear clean, and external glands. If you are having an issue, ask about internal anal gland expression! 

Shih-tzus, Maltese, Maltipoos, Lhasas, and Mixes of those breeds: $40

Micro-mini (<5lbs): $35

Cairns, Westies, Scotties: $40

Airedale Terrier: Brush-out $35-40, Shave-down $60-65

Akita: Brush-out $60-70, Shave-down $80-90

Alaskan Malamute: Brush-out $85-100, Shave-down $90-100

American Eskimo: Brush-out $40-45, Shave-down $45-50

Australian Shepherd: Brush-out $45-50, Shave-down $60-65

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler: Bath $30-40, Shave-down $45-50

Basset Hound: Brush-out $30-35

Bichon: Brush-out $25, Trim$40

Boxer: $30

Bernese Mountain Dog: Brush-out $60-65, Shave-down $80-90

Border Collie: Brush-out $40-45, Shave-down $40-45

Boston Terrier: $20

English Bulldog: $30

American Bulldog: $35

French Bulldog: $25

Chihuahua: $20

Chow Chow: $70-75, Shave-down $90-95

Cocker Spaniel: $45

Corgie: Shave-down $45, Bath $40

Collie (Rough): Brush-out $50-60, Shavedown $65-75

Collie (Smooth): Brush-out $40-45, Shavedown $55-60

Doberman: $30

Great Dane: $50

Great Pyrenees: Brush-out $80-100, Shave-down $90-125

German Shepherd: $45-50, Shiloh Shepherd 65-75

Golden Retriever: Brush-out $35-40, Shave-down $65-80

Goldendoodle: Brush-out $60-70, Shave-down $80-95 *See de-matting fee

Husky: $45-50

Jack Russel/Toy Fox Terrier: $20

Lab: Bath $30, Shave-down $45-50

Labradoodle: Brush-out $40-50, Shave-down $55-75 *See de-matting fee

Min Pin: $20

Mastiff: $50-60

Newfie: Brush-out $80-90, Shave-down $85-100

Poodles: Toy $35, Mini $40, Standard Shave-down $65, Standard Lamb Cut $80

Papillon: Bath $20-25, Shave-down $35-40

Pekingese: Brush-out $30-35, Shave-down $35-40

Pug: $25

Pomeranian: Brush-out $30-40, Shave-down $40-45

Pit bull/mix: $25-30

Rottweiler: $40-45

Sheltie: Brush-out $35-45, Shave-down $40-45

Schnauzer: Mini $40-45, Giant $65

Yorkshire Terriers: $35-40